Shinium: Modern Wooden Jewellery

Modern Jewellery

Handmade wooden and metal jewellery created with a modernist, minimal design sensibility results in individual, one-off pieces of exciting, bespoke jewellery.

Sustainably sourced exotic hardwoods are used with both traditional and new techniques to highlight and enhance the wood's own natural beauty. Metals like gold, sterling silver and copper are gilded and inlaid; modern pigments are employed with crystal resins to produce unique pieces which will enhance your look and complement your style. Buy some now.

Like what you see, but don't see the perfect piece for you? Get in touch to commission a custom piece - we'll work with you to create a design that's just what you want.

I truly appreciated Mat's attention to detail before I commissioned a piece, and that's one of the reasons I turned to him when asking for something very detailed and unique. Not only does he take pride in his craftsmanship, it is apparent that he cares about his customers and their opinions of the final piece. I will be buying another beautiful piece from Mat's collection, soon.

- Caitlyn

Hard Disk Books

It's not just jewellery. These award-winning hard disk enclosures are a popular line. Highest quality disks meet the comforting look and feel of vintage books.

Book selection for these pieces is a tricky balancing act - we don't want to repurpose anything too good, or rare or valuable. Many, many books are rejected due to being "too nice to glue."

Click here to buy, price £60-120

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